About Us


WeatherGuard Nigeria Limited

Weatherguard Nigeria Limited is one of the country's leading designer, distributor, fabricator and installer of quality canopy structures. Our goal is to offer you the best price, per-square-meter, on installed canopies, carports, awnings, all-weather shelters for homes, schools and businesses throughout Nigeria. As a nationwide supplier, we have dedicated installation teams that can be deployed anywhere in Nigeria.

Our canopies are perfect not only for homes and gardens, but we also provide the ideal entrance canopies for shops and restaurant fronts, car parks, parking lots and government buildings. We also have bespoke solutions for commercial businesses, schools and nurseries who want to maximise their outdoor space.

Our product range consists of quality carports, shadeports, door/window canopies, patio canopies, awnings (DIY), shade nets, polycarbonate skylight/sunsheets and more on a continually increasing range. We are currently one of the largest distributors of shadenet and poly carbonate skylight/sunsheets in Nigeria.

Look for our affordable packages on single, double or triple unit carports, DIY awnings, polycarbonate sun shelters, canopies, sit-outs, school canopies, smoking shelters for public places etc.

Weatherguard Nigeria's trained staff is ready to answer all your questions and to assist you with bespoke designs for your home, school or business.


We strongly believe that our customers deserve more than their expectations, therefore we endeavour to provide the best choice of all round protective gear against all elements of the weather (i.e. sun, UV rays, heat, rain, and hail storm damage). Our product range includes Carports, Shadeports, Patio Canopies, Door Canopies, Window Canopies, Awnings (DIY), Shade nets, Polycarbonate sun sheets and more.

The climate in Nigeria ranges from that of heavy rain, high humidity and low temperatures to that of very windy, dry and sunny weather with very high temperatures, but our extensive range of Carports, Canopies and Shelters from WeatherGuard means you, your vehicles and property will be protected from these harsh weather conditions.

Our quality Carports, Canopies, Awnings and all-weather shelters have become very popular especially to home owners thanks to the benefits they offer all-year-round. Not only can they add style and aesthetic value to your home or business, they also improve health and safety. All WeatherGuard products, comes with UV filter which helps protect from skin cancer, sunburn and other health related issues that can be caused by harsh weather conditions.


The WeatherGuard brand was established in 2007, and was carrying out business as a trade mark of SOFTSTAR LIMITED. The business name was formerly incorporated as WeatherGuard Limited, under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in January 2012. Our goal at WeatherGuard is to provide a wide range of quality products that can withstand the harsh weather conditions that is generally experienced in Sub-Saharan Africa.

At the moment, we are focused on providing our clients with all weather protective gear (for carports, canopies awnings etc). We have experienced growth in recent years and have become a household name in the decorative building materials industry in Nigeria.


Our vision is to have atleast one product from our range of products in every property in Nigeria. We have multi-funtional, dynamic and practical products that are ideal for in and outdoor environment and in the commercial sector, covering industries like education, healthcare, hospitality, retail etc.