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Welcome members of the press as they arrive. Not everyone may arrive, as your conference may be preempted by some late breaking news story elsewhere. Things that we thought would happen only with higher degree change in the average temperature are happening now. Now introduce each conference participant and state their relationship to the person/s who caused harm or to the person/s harmed. If you do have lead time, however, you and your group will want to start planning at least a week or two before the press conference is to take place. Also, pick a site that provides visual interest and relationship to each topic--such as the state capitol building, city courthouse, or a local clinic or other site where the activities youre talking about are actually going on. Firsthand testimony from people from the community affected by the issue can be extremely powerful and convincing. I think we have to begin looking hard at what the world is going to look like for our children. Darrin Shewchuk In less than two months, Im already excited and blown away by whats on the horizon for our newly combined organization and I look forward to continuing to share news as it develops. Welcome Speech for Consumer Conference anec.eu Details File Format PDF Size: 21 KB Download 2. Chief Schmaderers tone-perfect performance gave meand likely many other peopleconfidence that hes the right person to lead this investigation professionally. HARMAN Press Conference Script April 20, 2017 Opening Introduction by Cheng Lei Good afternoon, distinguished guests, dear media friends, welcome to the HARMAN press conference! Thank the participants for presenting, and the media for attending. Have members of the press sign in, with their affiliation, and give each of them a press kit. Another area of cooperation is on health care. Journalism in a pandemic. Start approximately on time -- no later than 5 minutes after the scheduled time. And I am proud to share that our commitment to collaboration and innovation continues to propel our business forward. Starting the call on the right foot is what will almost always ensure a successful conference call. $19.99. You can set the record straight if your group received negative publicity. Welcome to the [Insert name of Event] I'm the [insert FIRST Tech Challenge title here] and my name is _____. So, for example, we were at Sendai yesterday, and what I saw was a country that had faced just enormous tragedy, and the commitment of the . Washington, DC: League of Women Voters. But IMO they should have designated one person to speak on the production companys behalf. Auto Shanghai is an ideal arena for HARMAN to display its latest innovation breakthroughs for engineering a connected lifestyle. Global data and statistics, research and publications, and topics in poverty and development. Can we find ways of creating an enormous market for new technologies focused on mitigation of climate change? Our job at the World Bank Group now is to make sure the growth over the last five years that we have seen in developing countries in Africa and Latin America and Asia is not destroyed by further worsening in the situation. HARMAN and Samsung are best-in-class organizations and working together as one will allow us to deepen our innovation and collaboration to continue to deliver industry-leading technologies and solutions. And as a scientist, I feel that it is my moral responsibility to be very clear in communicating the dangers of climate change. Affiliate Partner + $4.99 shipping. Welcome Speech for International Conference ipres-conference.org Details File Format PDF Size: 29 KB Download 3. Even if you are very experienced in this area, it may be a good idea to conduct a dress rehearsal. There are all kinds of things that we can do that the Japanese understand, I think, as well or better than any country in the world, and the explicit commitment is that we will work with the Japanese Government to help the poorest countries do better at prevention and then also do better at response once disaster happens. As you know, my name is , and I will be facilitating this conference. That's an intrinsic benefit that is inherent in the nature of the experience itself. Flesh out the main ideas in your outline. If your conference call features a Q&A session to engage participants, you need to equip yourself with better conference call management skills to handle the sessions effectively. Ethical business practices through our operations, We seek strategic partners that share our values those who exemplify integrity, innovation and excellence. Last week, an audio technician for the television program Cops was killed by friendly fire while filming a robbery at a Wendys in Omaha, Nebraska. Press Release Example Template A press release is an official statement that is typically written to share something newsworthy to media outlets for publication. &@/M"!No%kpO`:5'GWEn43G DR. KIM: So we are of course very concerned with food prices, and from our perspective, the response to the increases in food prices has to be multifaceted. Our business growth in China has remained robust since HARMAN established its China and Northeast Asian headquarters in Shanghai in 2009. While addressing the conference * Be clear and concise * Avoid using rhetoric, or non verbal expressions like 'hmmm' 'ah' etc. I'm calling in with Jimmy Wayne, Susan Francis, and Lou Denver. So, while you're brainstorming, think of . Speakers and delegates of the events are introduced formally. How to Hold a Press Conference, from the Western Organization of Resource Councils, is a comprehensive guide to help you prepare for a press conference. For example, a suitable response to a tough or misguided question might be, "That's a good question, but it is not within the scope of this press conference. The Omaha police chief, Todd Schmaderer, delivered an almost perfect press conferenceone that stands in marked contrast to the shameful media interactions in Ferguson, Missourithat should be studied by PR professionals as a terrific example of how to communicate in crisis. It is our job to have a catalytic effect on poverty. Your contribution can help change lives. And you can get some sense of the nature of my commitment to the BRICS countries by looking at some recent appointments. Thanks. Be clear and concise avoid using jargon, rhetoric, or inflammatory language, and stifle "ums" and "ahs." Add your own phone numbers, or purchase one from us. Chief Schmaderer, on the other hand, earned the benefit of the doubt and, as Dave Statter wrote, will ultimately have a positive impact on the reputation of the Omaha Police Department.. Try to have your press conference on one of these days if at all possible. He also set the rules up front, asking reporters to identify themselves, instructing them to speak loudly enough for the microphones to pick up their questions, and letting them know he intended to begin with local reporters. You can often generate the kind of notice or publicity a spot on the 6:00 TV news, for instance that youd otherwise have to pay a large amount for. We will work together to integrate Baidus DuerOS-based personal digital assistant and voice recognition engine technologies with HARMANs connected car and cloud platforms. Transcript of the Press Conference on the Release of the October 2017 Global Financial Stability Report 2017 IMF Annual Meetings October 13, 2017 SPEAKERS: Mr. Adrian, Financial Counsellor and Director, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, IMF Mr. Dattels, Deputy Director, Monetary and Capital Markets Department, IMF Press kits are very useful, if your group can afford it. If you feel that a participant is deviating, dont panic. Communications to Promote Interest and Participation, Chapter 6. Always tell the truth. Current Cold-Calling Trends, Key Elements Of A Sales Cadence and Its Importance In Sales Prospecting, A concise opening and brief introduction of yourself (the speaker), The reason(s) for the conference call, covered briefly, Some background information about the conference call. More often than not, discussions during conference calls can go in the wrong direction because of poor coordination. Opening Press Conference Your press kit should contain the following: Putting the kit together: The press release goes in the right side of the folder, and the other information goes in the left side of the folder. Media Distribution List. Book more appointments with email, WhatsApp, and SMS reminders. This organization has always embraced that work. 2 0 obj Join the thousands of professionals who receive our email newsletter. They should be able to handle press questioning and scrutiny as well. And following these sample conference call scripts that actually work will bring you one step closer to hosting the perfect conference call! So the lesson for me is that every, single economy in the world has to now be focused on the medium and long-term prospects for growth. Totaling over $600M in lifetime revenues, this business includes: First:A new contract with GAC, an extension of our relationship first established in 2015. The key here is to be clear in asking your questions and acknowledging their comments before moving to the next participant. That's the instrumental benefit. Japan now is our second-largest shareholder and the third-largest donor to the International Development Association, the Banks fund for the poorest. Dont exaggerate or give figures that arent backed up by evidence, and dont state opinions as fact, or make charges that cant be proven. Double- or triple-check any such information to make sure you have it right, both in speech and in print. Are the health care systems set up? Because of the crisis, I think there is a tendency to only look at the short-termyou know, how to respond to the crisis as it might hit us--but I think evidence is very good that the countries that start thinking right now about medium and long-term competitiveness are going to do much better in the long run. We will go through these, step by step: To the extent that you can, make personal contact with representatives at least of the major media outlets represented. To give an example: rather than accepting these assets as collateral for lending, the ECB would outright purchase these assets. If we get to where people think we are going to get, we are going to lose the coral reefs, the fisheries will change fundamentally, the water will rise. State the key points that will be covered in your discussion, like a verbal content page. Thank you for participating in this survey! QUESTION: Thank you. Last modified on September 2, 2014 by Brad Phillips, Media Training Workshops Customized For Your Needs, Public Speaking Workshops Customized For You, Executive Presentation Training Workshops, A Guide to Presentation Training Companies. I am learning how to become an active member of the society, to have a job, and it is great. A press release, which should state your group's position on the issue, highlights of the press conference, and a few quotes from participants (for more, see Preparing Press Releases). Furthering our commitment to the Chinese market, and in the spirit of ongoing collaboration and fostering strong relationships with global innovators, we are also pleased to announce the expansion of our relationship with Baidu to jointly develop new cloud-based artificial intelligence solutions aimed at Chinese automakers. He is now our Chief Economist. Most noteworthy, we have nurtured a great team of local talent. You will want your participants to be knowledgeable and articulate about the issue. However, with thorough preparation, you can get through conference calls like a breeze! Conference calls can be chaotic and awkward but not with the right preparation! Thank you. Today, we are here at the Auto Show to showcase innovation, which is at the center of everything we do at HARMAN. The suspect who was killed by the officers bullet(s) was carrying an Airsoft Gun which, according to Wikipedia, is a replica designed to be non-lethal. Chief Schmaderer appeared to be aware that headlines could read something like, Suspect With Fake Gun Killed By Police, so he showed photos of that replica gun to make clear that responding officers had no way of knowing whether or not it was real. )g"fkE.Hz$Mi0K. So the breadth of experience we think will always be of value to the BRICs countries. S'VZcq}q;{Fut6jHg\.Lsl@%!B#OClt3.I,"#j3Ls{oL6?9 :mi1ChYIlLL0x0C{SOpNLlx3SE.D5&j8_WncGh.:R85M[b2D4%pnE?\ V=?qE/uW\B~n ro22^0|m06,]1=}x4iIj|BFv1 x. A press conference is a tool designed to generate news in particular, hard news that can advance the cause of your organization. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Welcome Speech for Conference: Very good morning to one and all present here, my name is Suraj and I'll be giving the welcome speech for today's conference and kicking off the 3-day event, starting today. Now there is a President, President Ouattara, who used to be the Deputy Managing Director of the IMF, a very smart man who is deeply committed to his people. stream If you can have a short, pleasant conversation with these folks and make a good impression, theyll remember you when they need information or a story about your issue, and theyll respond when you contact them. Here are 8 conference call script samples you can steal! You can do this by allocating the numbers to dial, or you can follow a pre-defined order. They are the bread and butter of your media relations, and often of your entire outreach effort. HARMAN HARMANs booth is relatively compact by comparison for this Auto Show. This section looks at the elements of planning a successful press conference, when to hold a press conference, and how best to communicate with the media and the public at a press conference. The task of building the economy so that ex-combatants can have jobs and see a different future for themselves was critical, and we have to move quickly. 2022-2023 Opening Ceremony Script Updated 9/20/22 Speaker Dialogue Blocking Notes Affiliate Partner or Event Director Good morning [Insert name of Locale]! There was an agreement coming out of the latest--of the G20 Meeting--the Annual Meetings from last spring and also the G20 discussions, and we have now formed something called the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program. Senior Director, Corporate Communications But the role of development and crisis response has been played by IMF and World Bank since World War II, so what is your idea for the future of those kinds of global relationships? Riche en fonctionnalit, Sumrgete en el sonido envolvente 3D con los ltimos lanzamientos de barras de sonido de JBL, incluida la JBL Bar 1000 New innovative eco-friendly design. You know, many of the BRICS countries really dont need our money anymore, but what we find is that they consistently want to work with us because of our knowledge, because of the depth of experience we have in making projects work. TimeSyncBook more appointments with email, WhatsApp, and SMS reminders. So, for the first time in history, the climate scientists declared that the drought that happened this past summer, that contributed to rising food prices, was the result of man-made climate change. Assume the audience is intelligent avoid sounding patronizing. We could not be more thrilled at the opportunities that lie ahead for HARMAN together with Samsung in China and around the world, and are excited to celebrate the amazing automotive technologies we are announcing and the synergy of our newly combined organization that will create significant growth opportunities and deliver greater benefits for our customers. So, for example, we were at Sendai yesterday, and what I saw was a country that had faced just enormous tragedy, and the commitment of the government was that: In the context of our tragedy, we are going to do everything we can to help other countries, especially poor developing countries, get better at managing risk, and the focus is on several things. Do you see any possibility to give more assistance to Myanmar from this Annual Meeting--and I mean debt forgiveness and bridging loans, proposals by the Japanese Government. Welcome, Dr. Kim, to Tokyo. I mean, we have experts inside the World Bank who have walked with many, many countries through their own process of economic growth, and we stand ready to work with any government in the world, all of our member countries, in thinking about medium and long-term approaches to growth. It is a special event, and should be treated as such. )A1HWU c, We continue to have strong relationships with the OEMs in China, and these contracts show we play a key role in keeping Chinese automakers on the cutting edge of automotive technology. DR. KIM: Yes. When you have significant announcements to make, such as a campaign start-up or a lobbying victory. If you and your group are new at this, you may want to attend at least one other press conference to get a feeling for what they are like. What went well? There was a training program that I went to visit, and there, ex-combatants in the war were learning how to be electricians. Thank you all for joining us today! Feel free to crack a joke or tell a story. As with your customers, treat the media with professionalism and care. 8 Conference Call Script Samples That Actually Work March 1, 2022 These Conference Call Script Samples Actually Work Conference calls can be chaotic and awkward but not with the right preparation! Hover to zoom. Taplin, S. (1993) Holding press conferences: Why, when, and how. MR. MILLS: Yes, you in the front row, yes. Leaders who are great at the behind the scenes portion of their jobsbut who are not great public communicatorsmay be perceived as lousy leaders. MR. MILLS: Okay. League of Women Voters of the United States (1997)Getting into print. Have a system for letting participants have their turn. The younger guy also did not seem comfortable and didnt instill much confidence. Guide to public relations for nonprofit organizations and public agencies. When a number of groups are participating in an action, and the show of support will emphasize that this action is news. More specifically, why hold a press conference? Great nations like Japan take tragedy and share lessons learned with others. ACk(# Thank all the participants and acknowledge their efforts or show them how they can still ask the questions after the call. He or she will be in charge of convening the press conference by introducing the issue and participants. Prioritized the Victims: Mayor Ruane opened with a statement that prioritized the victims of the blast: "All I have to say is a terrible, terrible tragedy has fallen on our city this afternoon. Write down the 10-second pitch for the event and then write to address the high points that support that summary. As as the emcee, you're perfectly positioned to deliver it by inciting a round of applause from your audience. The scalable approach allows HARMAN to offer cost-effective cockpit solutions addressing the broader vehicle segments. I have a three-year-old son, and when I really dug into the data, when my three-year-old son is my age, he could possibly be living in a completely different world than we are living in today. DR. KIM: As you may know, the subject of one of our recent World Development Reports was on fragile and conflict-affected states. Public speaking and media training custom courses designed to make you a more effective communicator. Hold video conference calls in the OnSIP appweb browser or computer desktop versions! 1966 Press Photo Jackie Gleason shows his famous Gleason profile on golf course. You might write, for example: "After addressing the challenges of his re-election bid, Cunningham shed some light on a number of vexing city issues, including:" Tip Strategically position yourself at the news conference. MEETING SCRIPT ROLE: MEETING ORGANIZER, MEETING MODERATOR, MEETING FACILITATOR, EVENT MANAGER, MEETING ADMINISTRATOR, MEETING MANAGER 7:55 am The audio conference call is open and we will begin the meeting in 5 minutes. Introduction To start, make sure to introduce yourself and anyone you're calling in with. If you schedule it later, you risk missing the afternoon paper or evening news. By closing this banner or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. This is a win-win alliance, which will provide HARMAN with great potential for further exploring the China market and continuing to serve customers in China. Good morning/afternoon to all the guests, sponsors, media reporters and journalists. National News. Also, since its such a big call, your introduction should also cover relevant details at the start of the call, such as your legal disclosures, guidance about recording the calls, safe harbor statements, or your privacy policies. As you know, the BRICS countries are now making the currency swap agreement within them, and also, there is a very basic idea of a BRICS Bank. Page 1 of 29 . A successful media conference can not only generate news, but can also boost the morale of your own group -- that is, your group can take pride in knowing that the press will really turn out to hear what you have to say. Thank you. So the presence of the BRICS in the Bank is profound, and my full expectation is that our relationship with them will only deepen over time. A press kit is a folder of information to give reporters background information about your issue or program. Thank you. to remain available. Now please join me to welcome Mr. David Jin, President of Northeast Asia and Greater China at HARMAN International, to deliver a welcome speech. And for the sake of the people of Myanmar, I would simply encourage the Government to keep going in pushing forward important reforms. 292 Comments Please sign inor registerto post comments. Conference Facilitator's Script, revised 11/24/2020 1 Conference Facilitator's Script 1. But that is really not the whole picture. I mentioned it earlier. Other considerations include picking a location relatively free from high levels of background noise (e.g., traffic, telephones, aircraft), and one which has adequate electrical outlets and extension cords for lighting, etc. The World Bank has what I could call master practitioners of development--people with wonderful academic backgrounds who have, for 10, 15, 20, 30 years sometimes, been working to actually deliver results on the ground, and they have experience in many, many different countries. HARMAN has had a strong partnership with Baidu since 2015, when we launched CarLife, a vehicle networking solution that offers advanced Internet capabilities, entertainment features and location-based services on HARMAN's in-vehicle infotainment head units designed for the Chinese market. If a press kit is beyond your budget, a press advisory will do. I was just at one such platform, the Sendai Dialogue, yesterday. So there will be meetings today to discuss ways in which the Japanese experience in health care can be used to help countries all over the world build these kinds of comprehensive, universal access-type programs. Here are some other tips for scheduling your press conference: Make sure you pick a location for the press conference that has adequate parking and is not too far away for reporters to travel. Microsoft Word - Press Conference Script.doc Author: dwitte Created Date: 4/11/2012 12:29:16 AM . Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists now agree that man-made climate change is real. I am sure you have been warned before, but if everyone could just turn off their cell phones and put their beepers on vibrate, that would be great; and when you ask your question if you could please identify yourself and your news organization. And again, South Africa doesnt necessarily need our money, but we have agreed to build what we are calling a Delivery Knowledge Hub in South Africa. MR. MILLS: Very good. All Rights Reserved. We didn't do that here . Record the event, for your own records, and for possible media use. Last month, HARMAN officially became a part of Samsung. Thank you all for attending. There are a number of things you can do to prepare the room you're holding the press conference in. Professional Services solutions across design, mobility, cloud and analytics that enable a connected world. You will also want to have a press advisory prepared and mailed about one week ahead of time to inform the media about the press conference. Chairman and President, Northeast Asia and Greater China, HARMAN, Mr. David Jin. I'm Cheng Lei. For example, if an education funding bill were introduced in the state legislature, you might want to convene a press conference that same morning to react to the bill's implications. As a combined company, we are now better positioned than ever to expand resources to accelerate growth and success, identify complementary technologies and expertise and develop an independent structure to ensure focus, continuity and speed. 9+ Welcome Speech for Conference Examples 1. The briefing follows President Biden traveling on Wednesday to the Department of Homeland . Your feedback is very helpful to us as we work to improve the site functionality on worldbank.org. DR. KIM: Well, the changes that have happened in the Arab Spring countries I think also teach us critical lessons about development, and these are lessons that I have learned personally in the field over many years, but let me tell you what I think the most important ones are. Yes, maam, right there, please, in the third row; yes. As you can tell by what we just covered, innovation and collaboration are at HARMANs core which is why HARMANs acquisition by Samsung made sense not only for our shareholders but for our customers from automakers to end-consumers. We are from the (Organization) ." "We're here this evening to talk to you about an agricultural issue that we feel is of great importance." THE EVENT PLANNERS for planning a great event. HARMAN would also like to take this opportunity to communicate with media about its latest technology and business achievements in China. 4 0 obj Growth in high-income countries is weak. Another major question in the Arab Spring is the participation of women. Many nations take tragedy and improve. Select and train the participants. In other words, their biggest challenge right now--they feel that they have very good political processes, they feel that they have great policy, but they want to get better at actually implementing and delivering results for their people. Tokyo, Japan. We know that their internal consumption has suffered recently. Be sure to include a call to action if it is relevant or necessary. With participants talking over each other, the nuisance of controlling who to speak next, and the awkwardness of dealing with the disagreements in the call can make it daunting. A successful conference call comes from an effective structure of your calls and thorough preparation. Secondly, I just want to ask you about the relationship between the World Bank and emerging economies. y(4'$ B:HHQDP4Q6n Mo3ym(C0*F6[}%k+5UiEk[,XE6S'(DD`T~ZO2R,%H I know many of you attended Annual Meetings before. to keep in mind the basic structure of a presentation: Beginning, middle, and end. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on Thursday afternoon is slated to hold a press briefing. And as far as the BRICS, you know, we still are deeply engaged with the BRICS countries. darrin.shewchuk@harman.com. The Press Conference is about to begin. Topics may arise that you did not plan for, participants might argue, or two or three people talk over each other. It is significant that the very first country I visited as President of the World Bank was Cote dIvoire, and Cote dIvoire provides some very important lessons.