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We are major importers of top quality products from renowned manufacturers around the world. We work with our customers to ensure that our products meet and exceed their requirements and expectations, continually improving and suggesting product designs, production techniques with our suppliers to help develop strong partnerships. Our constantly growing product range includes the following:

  • DIY Carport

    DIY Carport

    Weatherguard “DIY” carport provides the best choice of all round protective gear against all elements of the weather (i.e. sun, UV rays, heat, rain and hail).

    The carport’s structure is made up of steel and aluminium. The membrane which provides the actual protection for your car is manufactured with high density polyethylene fabric coated with PVC and PVDF (Polyvinylidine Fluoride) top coating.

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  • DIY Awnings

    DIY Awnings

    Decorate your entryway with an elegant covering solution for windows and doors.

    Polycarbonate solid panels and plastic frame will go with any home design. An easy assembly makes for an enjoyable way to protect your family from the bitter elements outside.

    It helps you control rain, sun, heat, glare etc. and upscale design and high-end materials make it both decorative and highly practical.

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  • Waterproof Shade cloth

    Waterproof Shade cloth

    Weatherguard waterproof shade cloth is an heavy duty shade cloth with a plastic coating layer on one side of the shade cloth to prevent water passing through.

    Note: Shadecloth is designed to reduce the temperature underneath. If the fabric becomes stretched, for example if water pools, the fabric will stretch and the plastic resin coating will tear. Accordingly, Waterproof Shade Cloth must NOT be used in any horizontal application as it will pond and the weight of the water could cause damage. It may only be used where a slope is at least 20∫ and must be tensioned sufficiently to prevent holding water.

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  • Poly carbonate Sheeting

    Poly carbonate Sheeting

    Our shatterproof poly carbonate (pc) sheets come with a standard 10 year manufacturer warranty, offers excellent protection against vandalism and accidental damage, with an impact resistance up to 200 times greater than glass.

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