Weatherguard Limited handles the entire process of designing and installing your canopy from start to finish. We advice, design, fabricate, deliver and install bespoke canopy solutions, for the entire market for private residences to commercial buildings. Each canopy is built to the specific needs of each project and we offer a blend different styles, shapes, materials and colours to meet and exceed our client’s requirements. We sell directly to homeowners and business owners, and to architects, civil engineers and builders. We provide outdoor canopy solutions for the private and the public sector. Our team go for onsite meetings to understand the clients needs and propose canopy solution that best suits the client, provide designs, fabricate on agreed designs, deliver to site and install. Weatherguard also distributes other high quality decorative building materials. POLYCARBONATE SHEETS Our shatterproof polycarbonate (pc) sheets come with a standard 10 year manufacturer warranty, offers excellent protection against vandalism and accidental damage, with an impact resistance up to 200 times greater than glass. They come in a variety of colours. HEAVY DUTY WATERPROOF SHADE CLOTH Weatherguard waterproof shade cloth is an heavy duty shade cloth with a plastic coating layer on one side of the shade cloth to prevent water passing through. They come in a variety of colours. SPC FLOORING Stone Plastic Composite (SPC) combines are vinyl flooring made from a combination of limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core. 100% moisture resistant, they are easy to install, fire resistant, wear-resistant, anti-slip and requires little maintenance. They come in a variety of finishes. WHEEL STOPPERS Our wheel stoppers are made of plastic and are placed at the end of parking spaces to help guide drivers and ensure the car is not to close to kerbs, walls or pedestrian walkways.